About us

Levada Analytical Center (Levada-Center) is a Russian non-governmental research organization. The Centre regularly conducts sociological research. Levada-Center is one of the largest Russian centers in the field.

Staff of the center brings together experts in the field of sociology, political science, economics, psychology, market research, public opinion polls and organization of data processing. The team is guided by the principles of WAPOR and ESOMAR. Senior staff have been trained in the USA and Western Europe. The research team has been conducting regular public opinion polls across the country since 1988.

Levada-Center has the network of 67 regional offices and maintains partnerships with centers of public opinion research in the CIS and Baltic countries.

Polling results and expertise of the Center’s staff appears is broadly covered by national and international media such as Kommersant, Vedomosti, Gazeta.ru, the Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Reuters, BBC Radio, and others.

Partners and customers Centre – Russian and international organizations, companies, research and nonprofit organizations.

An important activity of the Levada Center is the research work. Published the “Herald of public opinion” journal and an annual compendium of the main results of its’ public opinion polls. Center’s leading experts publish essays in journals of social sciences, regularly take part in scientific conferences and give public lectures

Center is named after the Russian sociologist Yuri Levada (1930-2006).

Board of Directors

Levada Center – an autonomous non-profit organization. The board include:

  • Abel Aganbegyan (Head of the Board)
  • Anatoly Vishnevsky
  • Lev Gudkov (director of the Levada-Center)
  • Elena Nemirovskaya
  • Yuri Poletaev
  • Ludmila Khakhulina
  • Teodor Shanin


1987-2003 years

The staff of the Levada-Center began to take shape in 1987 under the All-Union Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM). The first head of the center became academician Tatyana Zaslavskaya. Thanks to the efforts of Deputy Boris Grushin was deployed in 1987-1988 Network sociological centers in the Soviet republics and regions of Russia. This allowed, in November 1988 to hold the first mass surveys of representative samples of the adult population in the next year of the study were already on a systematic basis. In 1988 he came to work at the center of Yuri Levada (1930-2006), who in 1992 was replaced by Tatiana Zaslavskaya at the helm of the organization. Since the early 90s he worked at the center self-supporting, receiving no funding from the state budget.


In August 2003, the Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation adopted a decision to change the status of the center, resulting in a change of management center. The research team, disagrees with the changes produced in full force left the organization, creating a “analytical service polls” (VTsIOM-A). However, the decision of the court the name was changed and today the organization continues to operate under the name “Yuri Levada Analytical Center” (Levada-Center).


The first director of the Levada Center was Yuri Levada. In December 2006, the post he was elected a sociologist, Ph.D. Lev Gudkov. Center continues to fully research projects initiated in the 90s, as well as conducting new studies of Russian society.

Russian Public Opinion Herald

“VESTNIK OBSCHESTVENNOGO MNENIYA. Dannyie. Analiz, Diskussii” (“THE RUSSIAN PUBLIC OPINION HERALD. Data. Analysis. Discussions”) — bi-monthly journal — is a joint publication of Levada-Center and the Interdisciplinary Academic Center (INTERCENTER). “Vestnik” carries analytical articles, tables of data distribution by population groups as well as information on the dynamics of the main socio-economic indices. The data of the mass surveys conducted on nationally representative samples are supplemented and extended by the results of interviews with qualified experts, representatives of the new elite, entrepreneurs, farmers, the unemployed and of many other population groups.

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“Russia Votes”

Since 1992, the Centre for the Study of Public Policy, at the University of Strathclyde, has been conducting barometer surveys to monitor the mass response to transformation, across Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Before this, the Levada-Centre had been monitoring changes in the then Soviet Union. The two centres have combined their resources in a joint project. To visit the joint CSPP/ Levada project please follow the link.