Coronavirus and personal contacts

From November 2021 to February 2022, the proportion of those who are not afraid of contracting coronavirus has increased markedly – 66%. The number of Russians who have been vaccinated continues to grow and in February reached half of the country’s population. More than a third of those who were vaccinated were revaccinated. Half of Russians are concerned about the possibility of getting infected themselves or infecting others through touching and kissing; 45% of Russians try to limit physical contact with other people.


The number of Russians who are afraid of contracting coronavirus has increased. 40% of Russians consider the measures taken by the government to counteract the pandemic sufficient. The share of those who consider these measures excessive has doubled since April 2020.

Top June events

In June, Russians most remembered events related to vaccination and new restrictive measures (23%), natural disasters such as floods in the Crimea and fires (13%), an increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus (12%).

Coronavirus and mandatory vaccination

More than a half of Russians are not afraid to get infected with coronavirus. 54% of Russians are not ready to get vaccinated against coronavirus – this share has slightly decreased, 19% said that they have already been vaccinated. More than half of Russians (58%) do not support mandatory universal vaccination.


More than a half of Russians (55%) are not afraid of contracting coronavirus. This indicator has not changed since February 2021. About 24% of Russians said that they had been ill with COVID-19 (including 17% – without an official diagnosis). About 11% of Russians have already been vaccinated.

Religiosity during the pandemic

In a March survey, 10 percent of Russians said the coronavirus epidemic had affected their faith, while 28 percent thought it had affected the country as a whole. We compare the data with the results of an international survey conducted in the summer of 2020.

The coronavirus: fears and vaccination

More than a half of Russians fear of contracting the coronavirus. However, 58% are not ready to get a vaccine. The respondents explain their reluctance by the fact that the vaccine is not ready yet and concern about side effects.


This survey was conducted October 22–28, 2020, among a representative sample of all Russian urban and rural residents. The sample was comprised of 1601 people aged 18 or older in 137 municipalities of 50 regions of the Russian Federation. The survey was conducted as a personal interview in respondents’ homes. The answer distribution is presented […]