Attitude towards countries and their citizens

Negative assessments continue to prevail in relation to the USA, the EU, Estonia and Ukraine. The attitude towards Georgia and Turkey is mostly positive (with a noticeable share of negative assessments). Respondents have a positive attitude towards China and Belarus. The attitude to the citizens of these countries is better than to each country individually.

Western sanctions

More than half of Russians are not concerned about Western sanctions. At the same time, by August, this concern had grown slightly. Middle-income respondents and residents of large cities are most concerned about sanctions. At the same time the prevailing opinion is that sanctions will benefit the country and become an incentive for development.

Trips abroad

About 41% of Russians have been abroad, 20% — in the West. At the same time, no more than 5% of respondents have traveled abroad over the past year. A quarter of Russians have a passport for traveling abroad.

Approval of institutions, ratings of politicians

In July, the level of government approval did not change significantly. The electoral ratings of other political parties have barely changed. The level of trust in Vladimir Putin decreased in July compared to June.

Public opinion on the fate of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions of Ukraine

Most of the respondents believe that Zaporizhia and Kherson should become either part of Russia or independent states. More than half approve of holding referendums in the territories controlled by Russia in these regions, but a significant proportion of respondents do not care. Two-thirds of respondents would support the inclusion of Ukrainian regions into Russia if such a decision is made through referendums.

Conflict with Ukraine: August 2022

Half of the respondents are following the situation around Ukraine, but their share continues to decline smoothly. Support for the actions of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine remains high, there are no significant changes on this issue. The society was almost equally divided on the question of whether to continue the offensive or to start negotiations. Confidence continues to grow that the “special operation” will last more than six months.

Moscow problems

Muscovites primarily complain about migrants, traffic jams and high prices. Among the attractive features of their area, respondents often name transport accessibility, developed social infrastructure and good ecology, among the unattractive – remoteness from the center, poor ecology and poor quality of housing stock.

Ideas about the “fifth column”

There is no clear understanding in Russian society of who Russian officials mean when they talk about the “fifth column” and “national traitors”. Nevertheless, three broad categories of answers to this question can be distinguished: the “collective West” (Western countries, their leaders, NATO, etc.), Russian elites (mostly those who have gone abroad or keep money there) and critics of the Russian government.

Western sanctions: Moscow poll

Less than half of Muscovites are worried about Western sanctions. Less than a third faced difficulties in purchasing familiar goods. Muscovites first of all regret the departure of IKEA, McDonald’s, clothing brands and smartphone manufacturers. But in general, the departure of foreign companies does not worry the respondents too much. The prevailing opinion is that sanctions will benefit the country and become an incentive for development. Although respondents expect rapid import substitution in the field of food production, but not in other industries.

Conflict with Ukraine: July 2022

Over the past month, there have been no significant changes in the attitude of Russians to the “special operation”. The majority of respondents remain concerned about the events in Ukraine, and also support the actions of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Support and concern among young people is lower than in the country as a whole. Confidence that the “special operation” will last from six months or longer keeps on growing.

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