International relations: August 2021

Russians have started to treat Western countries and Ukraine better compared to the spring of 2021. More than half of Russians believe that the country is isolated. 44% believe that Russia should treat the West “as an ally”.

Protest sentiment

Compared to the beginning of the year, the number of Russians who are expecting mass protests has decreased. Even though the willingness to participate in them has increased. The rate of readiness differs by consumer status, views on the state of affairs in the country and the level of approval of the president’s work.

Coronavirus and vaccination

The number of vaccinated people keeps growing, one third of respondents have already received a vaccine against coronavirus. Meanwhile more than a half of Russians (55%) state they are not afraid of contracting coronavirus. This indicator has not changed significantly since the beginning of the year.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Half of the Russian population followed the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Most of the respondents consider the national team’s performance to be successful. 70% are sure that our team was not judged fairly.

Events of the month

In August, Russians remembered the events in Afghanistan the most (17%). Other than that, Russians highlighted natural disasters (16%) such as floods and fires, as well as sporting events – the Tokyo Olympics, Euro 2020. 6% of respondents noted the events related to coronavirus. The ANO Levada Center has been included in the registry of […]

The law on foreign agents

42% of Russians have heard about the law “on foreign agents”. 40% believe that this is a way of putting pressure on independent public organizations, a little less (37%) – that the meaning of the law is to limit the influence of the West on Russia. More than half of Russians (58%) will not change their opinion about politics, the media or NGOs if they find out that they are included in the register of foreign agents.

Top July events

In July, Russians most remembered natural disasters – floods, fires, and so on, 21% of respondents told about this. 17% noted events related to coronavirus and vaccination. Another 13% remembered sports events: the Tokyo Olympics, Euro 2020 and others. 5% noted an increase in prices.


The number of Russians who are afraid of contracting coronavirus has increased. 40% of Russians consider the measures taken by the government to counteract the pandemic sufficient. The share of those who consider these measures excessive has doubled since April 2020.

Attitude towards Alexey Navalny

Approval of the activities of Alexey Navalny is declining. If in September 2020, 20% of Russians approved of its activities, then in June 2021 – 14%. At the same time, the number of those who disapprove of hispolicy has grown: from 50% to 62%, respectively. Most of all, respondents aged 18-24 approve of Navalny’s activities: […]

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