Public sentiment in October

In October, the mood began to gradually recover from the stress caused by the announcement of partial mobilization. Men, supporters of the authorities, as well as the youngest and wealthiest respondents are more likely to speak about a positive mood.

Civic engagement

The nature and scale of civic engagement is quite stable. Among the most popular activities
are free help to those in need, additional education, donations for socially useful purposes and
association with other people to protect their rights.

The main sources of information of Russians

Television remains the main source of information for Russians and respondents are more likely to
express confidence in this particular source. Nevertheless, there are significant differences in
socio-demographic groups. At the same time, there is an increase in the number of respondents
using Telegram channels as sources of news about what is happening, since the beginning of the
year, the audience of Telegram channels has tripled.

Approval of institutions, ratings of politicians

In October, the approval rates of state institutions increased slightly, partly catching up after the fall of last month. The ratings of confidence in Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Mishustin increased by several percent, returning to August level.

Conflict with Ukraine: October 2022

Concern about the Ukrainian events remains at a high level. Support for the actions of the Russian Armed Forces remains high. Slightly more than half of the respondents support the announcement of partial mobilizations, but the opinion in various socio-demographic groups is heterogeneous. At the same time, the number of supporters of peace talks continues to grow.

Summer holidays

Most of the respondents spent their summer holidays in the country or at home. Also, in comparison with the previous measurement, the share of vacationers abroad decreased and the share of those who chose to travel in Russia increased slightly. In total, about 4% of Russians have been abroad over the past year. First of all, the respondents were in Turkey, Egypt, Abkhazia and Kazakhstan.

Society under stress

At the end of September, against the background of the announced partial mobilization, public sentiment deteriorated sharply. Feelings of tension, irritation, fear and longing have grown. There has not been such a drop in morale in all the time of observations. At the same time, half of the respondents demonstrate confidence in the future. Two thirds of respondents feel free.

Changes in the country

Most Russians believe that Russia needs change. About half would like full-scale changes, but compared to the previous measurement, the number of such respondents has decreased. First of all, the respondents would like to improve the standard of living and solve social problems, the resignation of various officials, ministers, deputies, as well as the end of the “special operation”.

Participation of PMCs in the Ukrainian conflict

Two-thirds of respondents have heard about the participation of PMCs in Ukrainian military operations on the side of Russia. Respondents mostly support the use of such combat units.

Conflict with Ukraine: September 2022

After the announcement of partial mobilization, attention to the Ukrainian events and concern about what is happening have increased dramatically. The news about the partial mobilization caused fear in society. Support for the actions of the Russian military remains high, but the number of those who advocate the start of negotiations has increased.

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