Conflict with Ukraine: Assessments for November 2023

About half of the respondents follow the Ukrainian events. The level of support for the actions of the Russian armed forces remains high(74%). Most of the respondents believe that the “special military operation” is being carried out successfully. At the same time, the share of Russians advocating peace talks continues to grow (up to 57% in November). This opinion is more common among women, respondents who trust information from social networks and YouTube channels, who do not approve of V. Putin’s activities as president of the Russian Federation, as well as those who believe that the country is moving on the wrong path. What is happening mainly causes respondents to be proud of Russia or alarm, fear and horror. One in four respondents (same as a year ago) donated clothes and belongings to refugees from Ukraine. At the same time, the share of respondents who collected money and things to help the participants of the “special military operation” increased to 40%.


The respondents have a prevailing opinion that nothing has changed in their lives in recent years. At the same time, the number of those who calmly look into their own future and the future of the country is growing. At the same time, the planning horizon of Russians has hardly changed over the year.

The 2024 presidential election in public opinion

Half of the respondents know about the upcoming presidential elections next year. About two thirds of the respondents expressed their willingness to vote. If the presidential elections had been held next Sunday, Vladimir Putin would have received the majority of votes. Similar indicators of support for the current president were observed after 2014 and in the mid-2000s. Most Russians would like to see Vladimir Putin as president after 2024, their share has increased sharply last year. Two thirds of Russians believe that the upcoming elections will be fair. This is more than in previous measurements.

Conflict with Ukraine: Assessments for October 2023

The level of attention to Ukrainian events has not changed for three months; about half of Russians follow the events. The level of support for the actions of the Russian armed forces has increased slightly. The highest level of support is demonstrated by older respondents who trust television and those who approve of the president’s activities. More than half of the respondents believe that the Special Military Operation is progressing successfully. At the same time, the number of supporters of peace negotiation has slightly increased over the past month (up to 55%). Respondents name as the main reason for starting the Special Military Operation “to protect the residents of Donbass”. The majority are confident that hostilities will continue for at least another six months (almost half say more than a year). If respondents had the opportunity to go back in time and influence the decision to start a Special Military Operation, then 41% would cancel such a decision, and 43% would support it. The majority are ready to support V. Putin if he announces the end of hostilities, but on the condition that new territories are preserved.

Consumer sentiment in October 2023

Consumer sentiment improved slightly in October 2023. The increase in confidence is noticeable in all socio-demographic groups, however, this did not affect the willingness to make large purchases.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict: October 2023

The majority of Russians are aware of the new round of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, about a third are closely following what is happening. The majority of respondents do not support either side of the conflict. At the same time, Palestinians are sympathized with more often than Israel, although even 14-15 years ago, sympathies were distributed approximately equally. The respondents, as before, lay the main responsibility for instability in the Middle East mainly on the United States and its allies.

Protest moods: September 2023

In September, the protest potential has practically not changed compared to this summer and remains at a fairly low level. The greatest willingness to participate in protests with economic and political demands is expressed by low-income citizens and those who do not approve of the president’s activities or believe that the country is moving on the wrong path. About half of the respondents believe that the authorities should not restrict the freedom of speech of those who oppose the Special Military Operation. Most often, those who disapprove of the president’s activities and those who believe that the country is moving on the wrong path agree with this opinion. Most of the respondents are neutral about the people who went out to anti-war protests.

Savings behavior in September 2023

The savings behavior and attitudes of Russians have hardly changed in recent months. In the context of increased inflationary pressure, the number of Russians who consider the current time favorable for making savings has decreased somewhat. This could also provoke a decrease in interest in ruble assets. At the same time, these factors have a limited impact.

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