This survey took place between 26-29 August 2016 and was conducted throughout all of Russia in both urban and rural settings. The survey was carried out among 1600 people over the age of 18 in 137 localities of 48 of the country’s regions.  The survey was conducted as a personal interview in respondents’ homes. The answer distribution is presented as percentages of the number of participants along with data from previous surveys.

The statistical error of these studies for a selection of 1600 people (with a probability of 0.95) does not exceed:

                3.4% for indicators around 50%

                2.9% for indicators around 25%

                2.0% for indicators around 10%

                1.5% for indicators around 5%

 IN YOUR OPINION, WHICH SUBJECTS SHOULD BE GIVEN MORE ATTENTION IN SCHOOLS? (respondents were given a list; multiple answers)

Russian language 68
Math 53
History 33
Literature 32
Foreign languages 27
IT, computer literacy, programming 23
Physics, chemistry, biology 21
Physical education, sports 18
Vocational training/ home economics 13
Geography 10
First aid skills 9
Social sciences (social studies, sociology, economics, politics) 9
National language and literature (in republics and autonomous districts) 7
Sex education 7
Creativity, art, music 6
Basics of religions and secular ethics 5
Other 1
It is difficult to say 4


  Definitely yes Probably yes Probably not Definitely not It is difficult to say
Patriotic values 52 37 7 3 2
Spiritual and moral values 51 34 8 5 3
Basic military preparation 43 35 12 6 5

Translated by Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (formerly  Monterey Institute of International Studies).


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