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Events and persons of 2019

This survey was carried out December 12–18, 2019 with a representative sample of all Russian urban and rural residents. The sample comprised 1608 people age 18 or older from 137 localities in 50 regions of the Russian Federation. The survey was conducted as a personal interview in respondents’ homes. The answer distribution is presented as a percentage of the number of participants.

The statistical error of these studies for a selection of 1600 people (with a probability of 0.95) does not exceed:

3.4% for indicators around 50%
2.9% for indicators around 25%/75%
2.0% for indicators around 10%/90%
1.5% for indicators around 5%/95%

WHICH OF THE LISTED EVENTS IN 2019 DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE MOST IMPORTANT? (respondents were presented with a card listing the events and could choose more than one answer or write in their own; answers ranked in descending order)

The pension reform and its consequences 44
Forest fires in Siberia 38
Flooding in Irkutsk Oblast 30
The opening of railroad section of the Crimean Bridge 29
Russia’s involvement in the war in Syria 24
Russia’s exclusion from international sporting competitions, the doping scandal 21
The death of 14 sailors on a nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea 21
The successful landing of a passenger airplane in a cornfield near Zhukovsky airport 18
Natural gas explosions in residential buildings 17
Anticorruption inquiries, the arrest of high-level officials 17
Deaths in plane crashes: the Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Sheremetyevo Airport, Angara Airlines crash in Buryatia, etc. 16
Talks between Putin and Zelensky, prisoner exchange with Ukraine, the seizure and return of military ships, separation of forces in Donbass 15
Notre-Dame de Paris Fire 15
Crisis in providing critical life-saving medication due to the import substitution policy 13
Elections in Russia: new regional and municipal leaders 13
Protests in Moscow and Yekaterinburg, protests over waste disposal, protests in Shiyes and other cities 12
Volodymyr Zelensky’s victory in the Ukrainian presidential election 12
The annulment of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the US and Russia 12
Notorious murder cases: the girls in Saratov, PhD student Anastasia Yeshenko in St. Petersburg, etc. 10
Criminal cases against protesters, Navalny supporters in regions, the “Moscow Case”, etc. 10
Russian conscript in Trans-Baikal shooting eight fellow servicemen 10
Case against the soccer players Mamayev and Kokorin 8
Termination of flights to Georgia 8
Discussions on the “domestic violence” bill, the case of the Khachaturyan sisters 8
The passage of a series of restrictive laws including laws against “insulting the authorities,” against “fake news,” for a “sovereign Internet,” and against “foreign agents” 7
The case of the journalist Ivan Golunov 7
Mass protests abroad (France, Spain, Hong Kong, etc.) 5
Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN on atmospheric pollution 3
Other events (“self-employment laws,” “everything is important,” “shorter workday,” etc.) 1
It is difficult to say 6

(according to the results of a closed survey)

2017 2018 2019
War in Syria, withdrawal of the bulk of Russia’s forces, declaration of victory over ISIL The opening of the Crimean Bridge The pension reform and its consequences
Russia’s exclusion from the Olympics in South Korea due to the doping scandal Pension reform Forest fires in Siberia
Terrorist acts in St. Petersburg Russian Presidential Elections Flooding in Irkutsk Oblast
North Korean nuclear tests, North Korea’s conflict with the US Hosting the World Cup in Russia The opening of the railroad section of the Crimean Bridge
Military activities in Donbass The fire in the Winter Cherry shopping mall in Kemerovo Russia’s involvement in the war in Syria

WHO CAN BE NAMED “PERSON OF THE YEAR 2019”? NAME 4–5 PEOPLE FROM RUSSIA, CIS COUNTRIES, OR OTHER COUNTRIES (respondents name a person or people of the year THEMSELVES without a card; the table shows people who were named by ≥ 1% of the total sample)

Vladimir PUTIN 31
Volodymyr ZELENSKY 7
Sergey LAVROV 6
Alexander LUKASHENKO 5
Sergey SHOYGU 5
Donald TRUMP 3
Alexei NAVALNY 2
Emmanuel MACRON 1
Angela MERKEL 1

Translated by Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (formerly Monterey Institute of International Studies).

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