Fear of Coronavirus

This survey was carried out April 24–27, 2020 with a representative sample of Russian urban and rural residents. The sample comprised 1608 people age 18 or older. The survey was conducted via by means of computer-assisted telephone interviews through random digit dialing (RDD) of mobile and landlines. The statistical error of these studies does not exceed 2.4%. The distribution of answers is given as a percentage of the total number of respondents. In February and March 2020  surveys were conducted as a personal interview (face-to-face).


Feb. 20 Mar. 20 Apr. 20
Definitely yes 11 20 26
For the most part yes 19 24 31
For the most part no 35 29 21
Definitely not 33 25 20
This is the first time I’ve heard about this <1
It is difficult to say 1 2 2

DUE TO THE SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS, HAVE YOU HAD TO…? (respondents could choose more than one answer; ranked in descending order for April 2020.)

Mar. 20 Apr. 20
Stop attending events with large numbers of people 23 71
Cancel planned trips to other countries* 12 56
Cancel planned trips to other regions in Russia* 12
Stop taking public transport 8 50
Buy medical face masks 16 45
Stay home and not go to work or school (due to an administrative decision) * 8 45
Stay home and not go to work or school (due to a personal decision) * 7
Stock up on food 11 27
Try to get tested for coronavirus 2 11
None of the above 54 10

* Responses were pooled in April 2020.

Translated by Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (formerly Monterey Institute of International Studies).

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