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Democracy, socialism and market reforms

44% of Russians consider themselves people with democratic beliefs (41% in 2018), while 47% do not (38% in 2018). Overall a general polarization can be noted, since the number of people who did not give a definite answer has halved.

Somewhat more young people identify as democrats. Respondents aged 40-54 have the least democrats among them: 41%.

Voters of the New People party identify as democrats more often than others (60%). Voters of Just Russia (48%) and the Communist Party (48%) do it less often. However, these differences are small.

18% of Russians would call themselves supporters of left wing, socialist views; the vast majority (72%) do not consider themselves such.

Respondents 55 years and older mostly consider themselves supporters of left-wing socialist views – 24%.

The voters of the Communist Party primarily share left-wing views (40%), the voters of United Russia share these views the least – 11%.

A third of Russians, 32%, consider themselves supporters of market reforms in the Russian economy. 58% do not think so. 

Respondents aged 18-24 support market reforms the most (39%). People aged 55 and older support this idea the least – 29%.

The supporters of market reforms are primarily the voters of the New People party – 43% and the Just Russia – 41%.


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