Attitude of Russians towards large purchases

The Feasibility index of large purchases has sunk to the level of the beginning of 2021. The growth of the group of the most prosperous Russians with the greatest purchasing power is insignificant (116 points; in June it was 113 points). The absence of significant positive dynamics in the country as a whole indicates a limited consumer potential and possible economic concerns of the respondents. Meanwhile the pre-election subsidies can positively affect the consumer sentiment in the short term.

Savings of Russians in August

According to the latest study of the financial situation of households, conducted by the Levada-Center in August, 32% of Russians have savings. This indicator is quite stable, and has not changed compared to a similar study in October 2020 (31%).

What do Russians think Russia should be like?

Two-thirds (66%) of Russians would like to see Russia first of all “a country with a high standard of living, even if not one of the most powerful countries in the world.” This is the maximum in the entire history of observations. Half of Russians prefer the Soviet political system, more than two thirds prefer a planned economy.

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