Problems of the society

In August, Russians considered rising prices, poverty and corruption to be the main problems of society. A third of respondents considered the coronavirus epidemic one of the main problems of the society. Concerns about rising prices have grown in the last few months.

The law and law enforcement

Half of Russians (49%) believe that it’s possible to live in Russia without breaking the law. The same number of people (47%) believe the opposite. More than half of Russians (58%) do not feel protected by the law. Most Russians agree that many government officials practically do not obey the law. The prevailing point of view is that the law enforcement is serving the interests of the authorities.

Democracy, socialism and market reforms

Almost half (44%) of Russians consider themselves people with democratic beliefs, slightly more people (47%) do not think so. 18% of Russians would call themselves supporters of leftist, socialist ideas. A third of Russians (32%) are in favor of market reforms in the economy.

The attitude of Russians to the LGBT community

A quarter of Russians believe that adults have the right to same-sex relationships, two thirds believe the opposite. Young people and those who are acquainted with homosexuals are most often agree that people have the right to same-sex relationships. A third of Russians believe that LGBT-people should have equal rights, 59% – that they should not. Public opinion on homosexual people keeps getting more polarized.

Top September Events

Most of all in September Russians remembered the State Duma elections (51%), the shooting at Perm State University (19%) and a number of accidents (5%) – plane crashes, the death of E. Zinichev and the tourist incident on Elbrus. Only 4% remembered events related to COVID-19. The ANO Levada Center has been included in the […]

Civic engagement

The most widespread types of civic engagement among Russians are voluntary help to the poor and victims of natural disasters (45%), voting in elections of any level (40%, the question was asked before the State Duma elections), attending educational events (36%), donations to social initiatives (28%) and giving alms (27%). The questions were asked in comparable ways in March and September of 2021.

Vladimir Putin

47% of Russians want to see V. Putin as president after 2024, 42% do not want that to happen. This ratio has not changed for the past two years. Russians believe that V. Putin primarily represents the interests of the “siloviki”, “oligarchs” and high-ranking government officials. A quarter of Russians are sure there is a personality cult of V. Putin, 21% see the prerequisites for it, 41% do not believe that such a cult exists. According to respondents the cause of public support for the president is that “people do not see who else they can rely on”.

Smart voting

During the last election campaign, the “Smart voting” proposed by Alexei Nav alny and his supporters was a highly discussed topic. However, 65% of Russians say they do not know anything about this initiative, 8% of respondents know and support the initiative, 10% do not support it. Another 16% said they had heard of this initiative, but do not know what it is really about.

Trust in public institutions

The following institutions enjoy the greatest support among Russians: the army (61%), the president (53%), special services (45%), the church and religious organizations (40%), charities (36%). 

Election Results

Turnout 55% of Russians replied that they voted in the State Duma elections. This is slightly more than in 2016 (51%), but significantly less than in 2017 (70%).  Party list voting results 38% of Russians who voted said that they voted for United Russia, which is less than the numbers during the previous election. 24% […]

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