Savings behavior of Russians in January 2024

The savings attitudes and behavior of Russians have hardly changed in recent months. The number of respondents who do not see changes in their ability to save is growing. The amount of savings is stabilizing. The attractiveness of bank deposits and real estate as an investment asset is growing.

Consumer sentiment among Russians in December 2023

By the end of 2023, consumer sentiment had slightly deteriorated. Hopes for the future remain at a high level, but indicators of the current situation – financial condition and readiness for large purchases – turned out to be lower than in October. Concern about consumer prices has grown: Russians are more likely to note their high growth rates and expect further increases. Satisfaction with the general standard of living has also decreased.


The respondents have a prevailing opinion that nothing has changed in their lives in recent years. At the same time, the number of those who calmly look into their own future and the future of the country is growing. At the same time, the planning horizon of Russians has hardly changed over the year.

Consumer sentiment in October 2023

Consumer sentiment improved slightly in October 2023. The increase in confidence is noticeable in all socio-demographic groups, however, this did not affect the willingness to make large purchases.