Moscow Politics

Compared to April 2021, the attitude of Muscovites to the city authorities has improved. The perception of city and municipal deputies has improved slightly. Among the parties that Muscovites would vote for in the State Duma elections, United Russia, the Communist Party and the Liberal Democratic Party are leading. The attitude of Muscovites to the president has noticeably improved.

Compared with the latest measurements in April 2021, the share of positive assessments of authorities among Muscovites has increased. The majority of respondents have a positive attitude to the work of the mayor (51%) and the president (60%), in 2021 the share of positive assessments was slightly more than 40%. The attitude towards deputies at the city and municipal levels has also improved slightly: 23% poorly (in 2021 – 29%) assess the work of deputies of the Moscow City Duma, 17% – well (in 2021 – 13%); 16% negatively (in 2021 – 20%) relate to the activities of municipal deputies, well – 17% (in 2021 – 15%). At the same time, most Muscovites do not know about the actual work of these authorities: 20% of respondents do not know about the activities of the Moscow City Duma, 27% do not know about active local deputies.

There have been changes in the electoral preferences of the residents of the capital. Compared to last year, the ratings of the ruling party and the Communist Party have increased. 19% of respondents would vote for ”United Russia”, in April 2020 there were 4% less. The second place would be taken by the Communist Party, displacing the Liberal Democratic Party: 12% and 9% would vote for these parties, respectively. At the same time, 13% of respondents do not know what choice they would make, just over a quarter (27%) would not vote. When calculating from those who are ready to vote and have decided on the choice of a party or would spoil the ballot, slightly more than a third (34%) of respondents would vote for United Russia, 21% for the Communist Party, 16% for the Liberal Democratic Party.

Among the politicians who enjoy the trust of Muscovites, Vladimir Putin ranks first (40%), Sergey Lavrov is second (16%), and Sergei Shoigu is third (12%). Only one city–scale figure, Ilya Yashin (3%), got into the top ten politicians.


The survey was conducted on June 11-20, 2021 on a representative sample of the Moscow population among 508 people aged 18 years and older. The study was conducted on the street by a personal interview in CAPI format (on tablets). The distribution of responses is given as a percentage of the total number of respondents. The statistical error does not exceed 6.6%.

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