Moscow problems

Muscovites primarily complain about migrants, traffic jams and high prices. Among the attractive features of their area, respondents often name transport accessibility, developed social infrastructure and good ecology, among the unattractive – remoteness from the center, poor ecology and poor quality of housing stock.

Among the main problems of Moscow, respondents name the following: “a lot of tourists, migrants” (18%), “traffic jams, a lot of cars” (16%) and “price growth, inflation” (14%). Also, respondents often noted problems related to housing and communal services (12%) and poor environmental conditions (12%). About a quarter mentioned infrastructure problems. About a fifth (19%) of respondents are not worried about anything.

Among the attractive aspects of the areas where respondents live, more than half (54%) highlight good transport security, 45% – the development of social infrastructure, 44% – good environment and proximity to natural areas.

Among the unattractive features of the districts, Muscovites note remoteness from the city center (19%), poor environmental situation (15%), poor condition of houses (14%) and poor architecture (14%). A quarter of respondents do not see anything unattractive in their districts.


The Moscow survey was conducted on June 11-20, 2021 on a representative sample of the Moscow population among 508 people aged 18 years and older. The study was conducted on the street by a personal interview in CAPI format (on tablets). The distribution of responses is given as a percentage of the total number of respondents. The statistical error does not exceed 6.6%.

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