“VESTNIK OBSCHESTVENNOGO MNENIYA. Dannyie. Analiz, Diskussii” (“THE RUSSIAN PUBLIC OPINION HERALD. Data. Analysis. Discussions”) — bi-monthly journal — is a joint publication of Levada-Centre and the Interdisciplinary Academic Centre (INTERCENTER). “Vestnik” carries analytical articles, tables of data distribution by population groups as well as information on the dynamics of the main socio-economic indices. The data of the mass surveys conducted on nationally representative samples are supplemented and extended by the results of interviews with qualified experts, representatives of the new elite, entrepreneurs, farmers, the unemployed and of many other population groups.

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Annual yearbook

The annual publication “Public opinion”, which includes the main results of surveys conducted by Levada Center for the year. Some questions have long-term trend. The site is available free electronic copy of the book (2012-2013).

L. Gudkov, V. Zaslavsky
La Russia da Gorbaciov a Putin. Collana "Contemporanea".pp. 216, anno di pubblicazione 2010